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Welcome to the Costs Lawyer Course

To become a qualified costs lawyer a trainee must successfully complete both the course and supervised practice.

The course provides a coherent programme of study for a trainee. During supervised practice, a trainee will apply that learned during the course as well as developing and implementing additional key practical skills. Both the course and supervised practice provides a framework which integrates legal knowledge and analysis, practical skills, professional skills and attitudes which are expected of costs lawyers.

On successful completion of the course and supervised practice a trainee will have met the education and training requirements for a costs lawyer. The trainee will then be able to apply to the CLSB for a costs lawyer practising certificate, under which they will be afforded the rights to conduct the following Reserved Legal Activities under the Legal Services Act 2007:

  • The exercise of a right of audience
  • The conduct of litigation
  • The administration of oaths

This is the launch of our new online course, if you have any support queries or feedback we welcome your comments.